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Nature, the essence of health.

In Nature we sink our roots, from which we find the inspiration.

Nature is a perfect laboratory, programmed to create balance between the elements, in respect of plants, animals and humans. The secret to achieve a relationship between mental health and physical wellbeing lies in Nature, which is the only source of our products ingredients.

Laboratories of Nature

How do you get a 100% pure essential oil:
knowing all the stages of production,
organic and biodynamic cultivation,
distillation by steam distillation, the
quality control and its usage in our

Our magazine

A circulation of 100,000 copies, 3 times per
year, 32 pages, 7 headings; These are the
Aromatario’s numbers, the FLORA’s
magazine for wellness. Ask for it for free to
your trusted herbalist, to the closest
natural feeding center, or fill up the
subscription form directly on our website.

Our Aromatherapy courses

FLORA organizes all over Italy, by
specialized teachers with ten years
experience in the industry, seminars where
the topics deeply discussed are all about
the world of aromatherapy, natural
nutrition, ayurvedic medicine and, more
generally, the overall well-being. Find out
the closet course to your house and the
topic more in line with your needs.